Les parasites (1999)

Oulage has it all planned: New Year’s eve, at the stroke of midnight, he’ll finally kiss Brigitte, the girl he’s madly in love with. That’ll be the moment, because Brigitte is having a costume party. Oulage has it all planned—except for the fact that Brigitte has also invited a gang of truly parasitical friends: an old girl friend who never leaves Brigitte’s side, a manic-depressive police officer, a paranoid psychopath, a cannabis-addict suffering withdrawal pains, a stunning Cuban woman on the prowl for immigration papers, and many others who do everything to ruin Oulage’s life.

Genre: Comedy

Director: Philippe de Chauveron

Actors: Lionel Abelanski, Oulage Abour, Sabine Bail


Runtime: 90


IMDb: 5.9

Les parasites (1999)
Les parasites (1999)